CATA, i-Canada call for Canadian "Ignite" program
June 14, 2012

On the heels of today's announcement from the White House about the new IGNITE program, Canada's largest technology alliance urged Canadian leaders to adopt a similar plan in Canada.

"This is a model use for a Public Private Partnership," said CATAAlliance President John Reid. "Putting the sectors together to fund a start-up infrastructure is something we have been asking for, for some time."

i-CANADA Chair, Bill Hutchison added, "In a number of important areas we have already started "Ignite Canada". For example i-CANADA, the national cooperative and its Council of Governors is already working with many communities and regions from coast to coast to help them become Smart and Intelligent Communities with the new "next generation applications" described in today's White House announcement for Ignite US." 

"In addition, Canada has an equivalent ultra broadband infrastructure for research and education, many great universities, colleges and research institutions and important public sector initiatives. What we are lacking is the kind of "New Economy federal government partner participation that was in the first US stimulus budget for high speed broadband and now their well coordinated initiative and investment in US Ignite." 

"Building on Canada's islands of excellence with a national well coordinated program involving appropriate public and private sector participants will ensure that Canada too is one of the leaders in tomorrow's world", said Mr Hutchison.  

"We need to create new opportunities where federal leadership can help crystallize the commercialization of innovation.  We have fantastic applied research, and we need a PPP avenue to its effective expression."

Mr. Hutchison spoke from a live video feed from Moscow, addressing a conference of Mayors in Stratford. i-Canada is a national movement to create an Intelligent Nation, focusing on the community level. 

-CANADA is a movement to create an Intelligent Nation, community by community; the Canadian Advanced Technology Alliance (CATA) is Canada's largest high-tech organization; ITWorld Canada is the country's largest technology B2B network; and Helix Commerce International is a leading social collaboration and growth company. These organizations are at the core of a movement to accelerate the adoption of Crowdfund Investing. 

Media Contact:
Emily Boucher