Canadian Commercialization Cornerstone Partnership: Innovation Centre Joins Alliance
June 14, 2007

Database of 30 years of business development success now at disposal of Canada's largest advanced technology community

Ottawa, Waterloo June 21, 2007 -- The Canadian Innovation Centre (CIC) and CATAAlliance (CATA) have agreed on a strategic partnership that will put the business and product development expertise of the CIC at the disposal of CATA's community of 28,000 executives.

"CIC and CATA agree that fusing the powers of the Canadian Innovation Centre and the Canadian Advanced Technology Alliance will create a high-energy resource for an essential part of the Canadian economy -- the transition from ideas to successful businesses," said CIC Chairman Ted Cross. "We are looking forward to utilizing a high profile national program with CATA to present Canadian business with a number of our programs and tools which have already been used by over 20,000 innovators and companies addressing the commercialization challenge."

"The CIC is the seed crystal for Canada's successful commercialization efforts assisting companies and innovators through the path from innovation to commercialization based on its 42 point Critical Factor Assessment methodology added CATA's Commercialization Director Eli Fathi.

Starting today, CIC will gain a presence in Ottawa, through the CATA headquarters office. CATA gains a presence for its outreach in Waterloo. "Waterloo is one of the most innovative centres in Canada," stated CIC President Andrew Maxwell. "It has been one of the secrets of our success. There will be a big energy exchange when the nation's capital is linked to the country's foremost centre for computer sciences."

Mr. Maxwell will join the CATA Board of Directors.

Linking Business with Knowledge Networks

"The CIC is a cornerstone of our new commercialization campaign," added Mr. Fathi. "With the CIC's expertise, we can unite an innovation-centric 'campus community' -- with its close ties to universities such as Waterloo, Ottawa, Quebec, Simon Fraser and UBC among others -- with the business community. It is essential that the CIC's leadership in these "knowledge rings" is tapped to move the best practices of our campuses into our business activities.

The CIC-CATA agreement calls for joint programs, cost sharing, marketing and online development. The agreement is a major step in the achievement of CATA's "Innovation Nation" platform. The CATAAlliance Innovation Nation Platform is a compelling model to improve Canada's competitiveness and prosperity, and has been endorsed by CEOs such as Chris Fawcus, President & CEO, Aon Reed Stenhouse, Terry Matthews, Chair of March Networks, Lionel Hurtubise, former CEO & Chair, Ericsson Canada Inc., Dennis Melnbardis, Lead Partner, Communications & High Tech, Canadian Practice, Accenture, Micheál J. Kelly, Dean of the Telfer School of Management, University of Ottawa, the Hon. John Manley, former Deputy Prime Minister of Canada, and Mike S. Zafirovski, President & CEO, Nortel to call for the adoption of the Innovation Nation Platform.

++ Action item
Executives interested in using the services of the CIC for business growth assistance should contact CATA President John Reid at or call 613-236-6550.

Please circulate the communiqué internally and also send to your business, media and community network of contacts as part of mobilization behind the Campaign.