Intact Software Seeks Channel Partners in North America: Respond Today to this Opportunity
June 13, 2012

  • Collaboration opportunities with Intact Software
  • For Canadian/U.S. Advanced technology enterprises
  • Targeting experienced channel partners for long term relationships
  • Respond by: July 15, 2012

Contact: CATAAlliance 
Phone:   (613) 236-6550


Call to Action:
Confirm your interest in Doing Business with Intact Software by email to Emily Boucher


Ottawa, June 15, 2012...  Intact Software is looking to identify and build long term partnerships with Canadian and U.S. channel partners to sell their newest .NET developed ERP system, Intact iQ. Intact iQ fully integrates Financials, Commercials, Business Intelligence and CRM as standard and provides users with a level a tailorability and flexibility normally only associated with enterprise level software offerings.

Intact Software develop customer-focused business management/ERP software that scale and flexes with a company’s every change and requirement, never needing to be replaced. The company has over 2,000 satisfied customers, over 10,000 active users and a thriving channel partner network. The company is headquartered in Ireland and has a network of dealers and distributors across Europe and Australia and is currently looking to aggressively enter the North American market with the best, most productive and enthusiastic channel partners.

With 20 years experience working with partners and selling direct to SME’s, Intact Software has built its success on understanding and meeting the needs of customers within different industries.  Research and Development is the life blood of the company and it is the end user, partner and market feedback that continues to drive forward Intact Software’s solutions.  Customer service and support is critical to Intact Software and something they pride themselves on, as a result of this, the appointment of only the best channel partners is critical

Intact Software is dedicated to offering a best in class software offering and committed to delivering a solution which increase the productivity, pro-activity and profits of both channel partners and their end users.

Additional information is available at

Download the Intact Software Brochure

Download the Intact iQ Product Overview  

Channel Partner Requirements Include:

·              ++   Dedicated software sales team,

·              ++   In-house development capability,

·              ++   In-house support team,

·              ++   Service and training capabilities,

·             ++    Pre-established relationships in place with end users and industries including; builders merchants and hardware suppliers, tile wholesalers, electrical distributors, recycling and plastic manufacturing, safety wear, healthcare, logistics and general wholesale and distribution,

·             ++  Currently selling business management software and looking for a new advanced and superior offering developed in .NET technology that will allow you to increase your revenue, increase average site size, develop your own revenue streams with plug in’s and grow your profits and business.

Partners will be supported by Intact Software through a dedicated global team committed to providing immediate support and response to queries or enquiries. Intact Software will provide every new partner with extensive training and support for on the ground sales, marketing and implementation and will provide ample marketing collateral and support. The company will also be actively targeting the technical and end user press to promote the brand, the product Intact iQ and to highlight all new channel partner appointments.

Qualifying Criteria and Next Steps:

  • Review Intact Software’s Channel Partner Requirements (see above) and determine your organization's interest and fit.
  • Ensure that your organization has relevant reference materials that can be reviewed by the Intact Software’s evaluation team.
  • Contact CATAAlliance with your expression of interest, providing key contact and background information. Your organization will then be provided with a simple template for completion.
  • Confirm your CATA membership status. Processing fees may apply.
  • All expressions of interest must be submitted by July 15, 2012, 17:00 EST by email to Emily Boucher at

Next Steps:

  • Intact Software will review information from selected candidates to determine which areas are of specific interest for future follow-up.
  • Intact Software will coordinate internally to make sure that each selected company would be able to meet with the appropriate Director. Follow-up could take several forms including teleconference, videoconferences and site visits to determine the appropriate vehicle for collaboration.

CATA works closely with International Trade Canada and the Consulates General of Canada as well as provincial trade organizations to share partnering opportunity with appropriate contacts in Canada, including CATA members.