Intact Software: new CATA member Advancing the Competitive Innovation Nation
June 12, 2012

We are very pleased to announce that Intact Software has joined the growing ranks of new CATA members, supportive of the industry's Innovation Nation Campaign and utilizing CATA Resources to help grow their business. 

About Intact Software

We develop customer-focused business management/ERP software you'll never need to replace.

We are a global company with over 2,000 satisfied customers and a thriving successful channel partner network. 

With 20 years experience working with small and medium sized businesses, we have built our success on understanding and meeting the needs of customers within their local markets.

This means the majority of services and products are developed and supported locally by our channel partner network.  This ensures that  we provide a choice of high quality products and services that are relevant to customers, use the most appropriate technology and are supported by local experts.

We have extensive domain knowledge in all types of industry sectors and offer solutions which solve the business needs of many clients.  We are dedicated to offering a best in class service and committed to delivering solutions which add significant value to any organisation.

 ++ Action Item:  Please review an Open letter from Sir Terry Matthews, CATA's National Spokesperson, on Why Join CATA. In the Open letter, there is also a link to a CATANet TV video interview of CATA President, John Reid, talking about business leverage provided by the CATAAlliance.