Procurement Portal and Entrepreneurship Project for Aboriginal and minority business owners
June 12, 2007

  • Partnership/development opportunities
  • Supply Chain
  • For advanced technology enterprises
  • Targeting minority business owners (see below)
  • Respond by July 15, 2007

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June 12, 2007

The Canadian Aboriginal and Minority Suppliers Council, CAMSC and CATAAlliance, have agreed to develop a Diversity Procurement Portal in order to offer Canadian and US corporations ready access to certified Aboriginal and minority businesses for inclusion in supply chain opportunities. The Portal would simplify buyers' identification of innovative and emerging suppliers, and enable Aboriginal and minority entrepreneurs to profile their businesses globally.

In 2006, CAMSC corporate members spent more than $28 million with Aboriginal and minority business owners in Canada. With the provision of a streamlined and user-friendly tool, the projections for business growth through the procurement portal will increase dramatically.

The Portal will be complimented by an Entrepreneurial Development project whose objective is to provide Canadian aboriginal and minority youth with the opportunity to develop the skills & understanding of entrepreneurship through active mentorship with CATA and CAMSC's network of experienced and successful business owners.

Global organizations have identified entrepreneurship as a key factor in addressing poverty and hunger in many of the most disadvantaged regions in the world. By assisting youth in developing their skills and confidence, we create a future workforce that is confident, innovative and actively contributing.

This project provides youth with access to some of the most successful businesses in Canada with opportunities to present their ideas and generate feedback. The development of an educational module to be used by teachers and organizations interested in introducing these concepts will be developed and delivered online.

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Companies, organizations and individuals with an interest in the Diversity Procurement Portal and related Entrepreneurial development are asked to indicate their support and interest through signing an Expression of Interest (EOI) on line form. Further briefing is provided on the EOI site or please Contact Project director, Katherine Thompson at