Ground-Breaking CATA ICT_Automotive event sells out in South Carolina: Pre Competitive Research for defining service and technology opportunities in the transformed auto sector
June 11, 2009

Charlotte, South Carolina, Ottawa, Ontario, June 11, 2009…Sixty leaders from some of the most prestigious and successful global organizations are gathering in the BMW-ITRC/ICAR facilities in South Carolina in a ‘brain trust’ to explore new opportunities arising from revolutionary flip to “ICT” as the main value in the auto sector.


Experts say that Information and Communications Technology (ICT) now accounts for 80% of the innovation in vehicles, and is responsible for 70% of a car’s development cost.  ICT adds $1-billion in software costs for each new model of car, and accounts for $1,000 of a car’s purchase value.


The list of organizations sending participants to Network Vehicle Foundation’s workshop includes senior executives from BMW-ITRC, INTEL, Cisco, IBM, HP, CA, General Dynamics, Siemens, AT&T, Verizon, Qualcomm, the Connected Vehicle Trade Association, the Dept of Homeland Security, Gowlings, the Auto Parts Manufacturers Assoc., InMotion Technology, ITS, the National Public Safety Telecommunications Council, NCR, QNX, Solace, IACP, Merck, SAE, among others


They will participate in moderated workgroups on pre-competitive research that will allow them to be the first to visualize – through their build-up of ideas – many of the new opportunities coming up as broadband technology embraces the automobile.


They will be bringing forward their work in the Networked Vehicle Foundation (NVF), a CATA supported organization, founded in the belief that the merging of vehicles with the global broadband ICT infrastructure is producing a new platform upon which an unimaginable range of new services and capabilities will be created.  It has been suggested that your company’s experience would be perfect to help develop the concept and explore the business opportunities in the Networked Vehicle. 


Over three days from June 15-17 they will participate with a 'distillation' of some of the most influential opinion-leaders in the Networked Vehicle space to hear of work on Standardization, Mobile Enhancement, Social Networks, and Auto Cloud Computing.  They will also tour the $1-billion BMW Spartanburg plant, and the CU-ICAR Campus.


The Agenda for the June 15-17 Workshop in Greenville, South Carolina, can be found at:

++ Action Item: Companies interested in receiving the Workshop's Pre Competitive Research and or participating in future events should contact CATA's CEO John Reid at with Networked Vehicle in the subject line.