Carleton Front Door Spotlight Series: The Science Technology Centre (STC): a CATA partnered resource to augment external research & development capabilities
June 10, 2015

Carleton Front Door Spotlight Series: The Science Technology Centre (STC)

• Prototype design and and specialized manufacturing at the STC

• For clients in industry, government, and academia

• With moderate to complex prototyping needs

• Respond by September 1st, 2015

Contact: CATAAlliance

Phone: (613) 236-6550



Contact: Jeff Smirle- Carleton Front Door Developer


Phone: 613-875-1355

As a part of the Carleton Front Door Initiative, a new program designed to provide external clients and partners with access to the expertise and infrastructure at Carleton University, the STC is looking to expand its operations by providing prototyping design and manufacturing services to the Canadian technology sector.

STC Background:

Located on the Carleton University campus in Ottawa, Ontario, the STC is a prototyping, manufacturing, research, and service department. It was established in 1957 as a workshop for the Department of Physics, and has evolved into a high-end manufacturing facility with an excellent international reputation. Some of the services offered at the STC are computer-aided design and manufacturing, Waterjet cutting (including precision cutting for carbon fibre layup assemblies), all types of welding, and computer numerical control machining with 5-axis capability, to name just a few. Over the years, the STC has contributed to large scale projects on the national and international levels, including providing parts for the McGill VERITAS Array, the Sudbury Neutrino Observatory, and the ATLAS Detector project at CERN. The STC has performed work in a multitude of sectors, such as High-Energy Physics, Telecommunications, and Medical Devices.

Competitive Advantages to Working with the STC:

• Highly-qualified personnel who have combined for over 80 years of experience in the field

• Quality and timely production of functional prototypes

• A personalized approach from the STC staff for improved communication and adaptability throughout the project

• Help with design development and refinement

• Competitive rates for materials and labour

• Access to related expertise through the Carleton Front Door network across the Faculties of Science and Engineering

For more information, visit our website at

Qualification of Interest:

The STC is seeking clients with moderate to complex manufacturing and service needs. Should you wish to pursue a potential project with the STC, please contact CATAAlliance or Jeff Smirle by September 1st, 2015 at 17:00 EST with your expression of interest, as well as any background information related to your organization and the project.

The STC is excited to work with new clients from across Canada, and to advance the objectives of the Carleton Front Door initiative by augmenting external research and development capabilities.

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