Mobile Health in Canada – Turn up the Volume
June 10, 2014

Ottawa, June 10, 2014...Today CATA published the results from the inaugural Mobile Health Roundtable, which was held on April 29 in Ottawa. Attendees agreed that Canadian mobile health innovation is already ideally positioned to drive higher quality healthcare and improved productivity, but barriers and issues must be address in order for mHealth to reach its full potential. Six broad enabling themes were identified requiring creative and collaborative action in order to drive adoption of mHealth:

  • Interoperable electronic health record systems are required to help patients and clinicians manage, share and respond to the anticipated volume of health data that will be generated by mHealth solutions.
  • Reimbursement models for healthcare professionals must be aligned to account for new outcomes-based models of care delivery that leverage the use of mobile technology to care for patients.
  • Changes to the existing funding models are required in order to permit traditional healthcare institutions to participate in trials of new solutions with many new partners, which may clinically, technically and procedurally validate mobile's value to healthcare.
  • Education and Awareness is key - healthcare professionals, administrators and patients themselves need access to educational and awareness materials that will explain how to best make use of mhealth solutions in a safe and secure manner.
  • Mobile Health app Certification - Canada needs a schemed to identify and promote the awareness of quality and reliable mobile health apps.
  • mHealth Champions are required and they must work collaboratively to drive cultural change and acceptance of mobile health solutions

"The inaugural mobile health roundtable was an first step in building awareness of mobile health in Canada", said John Reid, President & CEO of CATAAlliance. "We are thrilled with the response and excited to have brought together some 70 stakeholders from government, hospitals, healthcare, industry, start-ups, academia, consultancies and the not-for-profit sector", Reid added.

++ Action Item:
If you have a service, technology or solution that advances innovation in Canadian healthcare, please contact CATA's Mobile Health Lead, David Farnes -, to get involved.

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