Las Vegas, June 10, 2010-- Bill Hutchison, Chair of the i-Canada (Intelligent Canada) program, has been awarded the prestigious REALCOMM Digital Impact Award.
June 10, 2010

i-Canada Chair Wins Digital Impact Award

 Las Vegas, June 10, 2010--  Bill Hutchison, Chair of the i-Canada (Intelligent Canada) program, has been awarded the prestigious REALCOMM Digital Impact Award. The REALCOMM award is given to the person who has best advanced the development of the “net generation building”. 

Mr. Hutchison is the inspiration and creator of the Information Technology component of the massive Toronto Waterfront Revitalization project.  One of the largest development projects in the world, the Waterfront project will include to-home or to-office information transmission speeds of 1 gigabit per second  --  100 times faster than most home broadband connections.
“Our vision with this ultra-broadband Waterfront project is to provide a quantum leap in connectivity,” said Mr. Hutchison.  “We will use it as the core infrastructure that sparks innovation for businesses and home-owners alike.  The ultra-broadband capability will allow intelligent buildings to be remotely controlled to manage heating, lighting and cooling systems.  People using ultra-broadband will not have to commute to work or in some cases even to the doctor’s office; communication will allow high-capacity engagement.
“We are creating a living laboratory for creative opportunities,” added Mr. Hutchison.

Bill is also the Chair of a new program called i-Canada, which seeks to spread ultra-broadband communications among all Canadian communities.  “We see i-Canada as a nation of Intelligent Communities large and small, central and remote, all enjoying the economic development, job growth and social prosperity now available in the world’s leading Intelligent Communities or Smart Cities.  We want to expand upon Canada’s “Islands of Excellence” like Moncton, Fredericton and Waterloo who have all been recognized for excellence by the Global Intelligent Community Forum.”

Though the i-Canada program has not been officially launched, it already has some 300 signatories, including a Provincial Premier, Municipal leaders, business executives and leading academics. Mr. Hutchison and the i-Canada program are supported by Canada’s largest high-tech organization, the Canadian Advanced Technology Alliance (CATA)

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