New CATAAlliance 1 Change for the Better Video Channel Launched: Submit your 1 Change for the Better Video today for the 2016 CATA Innovation Awards Gala
June 9, 2015

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Please view our summary note below and Follow the CATA 1 Change for the Better Channel at: and then, Opt-in to the CATAAlliance social media Forum Group (11100 members) at:


The CATAAlliance "1 Change for the Better" Channel is the home for videos from people all over the world about the "1 Change for the Better" we might do that would change our lives in any or all of the following ways: enhance competitiveness and the creation jobs, improve quality of life, and, strengthen communities and the social fabric. The Channel is integral to CATA's Innovation & Leadership Award Gala where the best 1 Change for the Better is selected annually.

Please view the HTML format version of 1 Change for the Better at: