The Embedded Systems Study: Engage with us today, please complete the Survey
June 9, 2011

Dear Advanced Technology Executives

Embedded systems are the unknown face of the microelectronics industry. You
can help promote it by answering the Canadian Advanced Technology Alliance
(CATAAlliance) questionnaire.

++ Action Requested
Just click on the link below:

Small step: big effect. This questionnaire is part of an initiative to
promote the products and services of companies that develop embedded systems
and connect them to users in Canada and in foreign countries.

The questionnaire takes but a few minutes to complete. All respondents will
receive a summary of the results upon the study completion in autumn 2011.

Your cooperation is indispensable to the success of the embedded systems study.

Huguette Guilhaumon

This is a CATAAlliance study and part of our thought leadership research
and advocacy