CATA join forces with leading trade publishers and technology thought leaders in a new venture creating a national problem-solving dialogue on IT issues: The IT Forum Exchange Network, or ITFX Network, launched today.
June 9, 2008

National Dialogue 

OTTAWA, June 9 – CATA is joining forces with leading trade publishers and other technology thought leaders in a new venture aimed at creating a national problem-solving dialogue on key IT issues.

The IT Forum Exchange Network, or ITFX Network, today announced that it has embedded a set of discussion forums on issues such as Green IT, Unified Communications and Investment and Go-to-Market activity linking portals operated by leading trade publications, IT industry associations and social media sites.

ITFX brings together:

    • InformationWeek Canada, a leading source of IT advice to Canada’s business executives;
    • CRN Canada, aimed at technology vendors;
    • Canadian Government Executive magazine, which routinely address technology issues in the public sector;
    • IT in Canada, a highly respected discussion forum on leading-edge technology issues, and
    • CATAAlliance, the nation’s largest IT industry association, via, a new IT portal scheduled for launch next week.

The ITFX Network has already launched its first microsite, UC in Canada (at  Designed to stimulate informed discussion of Unified Communications and its role in enhancing the competitiveness of Canadian private and public sector enterprises, UC in Canada’s Unified Communications discussion area will be featured on “forum pages” across the network.

John Reid, President of CATA, said he is delighted that CATA played a lead role in the formation of the ITFX Network.

“There is a need for an “all-stakeholders” dialogue on essential industry subjects,” Reid said, “and the Web provides us with a way to both host that discussion and to involve other points of view from across Canada.  We believe that this of critical importance our members, and to the entire Canadian IT community.”

Reid also applauded the choice of Unified Communications as the Network’s first microsite subject.  “Unified Communications is an important subject within all segments of the economy, as leaders within large organizations, the public sector, and the entrepreneurial community look for ways of improving productivity and reducing cost.  The deep view on UC that enables will help both technical and non-technical decision makers to understand where and how UC should be deployed within their organizations.”

Michael O’Neil, president of IT in Canada, is enthusiastic about the role that CATAlive! will play in the ITFX Network.  “As Canada’s largest IT industry association, CATA is a critical voice in the nation’s IT dialogue,” he said, “and we are extremely pleased that its 25,000 members will have the ability to join the discussions that we are enabling across all sectors of the IT industry, and the broader Canadian economy.”

Both Reid and O’Neil saluted IBM for its sponsorship of the UC in Canada microsite.  “IBM’s willingness to be an active partner in providing vision, content, and financial support for plays an important role in enabling the launch of the microsite,” they said in a joint statement.  “We appreciate the leadership that IBM has shown in initiating the UC in Canada discussion.” 

For further information contact: 

John Reid, President, CATAAlliance 

Michael O’Neil
Co-Founder and CEO, IT in Canada