Innovation Nation Gets Boost: New Executive in Residence to Help Advance Agenda: Brian Greenleaf
June 8, 2011

Please review the resume of Brian Greenleaf who is joining the CATA Team as an Executive in Residence and National spokesperson. Mr. Greenleaf's immediate focus will be on further boosting CATA's engagement with the SME (Small to Mid-Sized) community as part of achieving an improved ranking of Canada as an Innovation Nation.

About Brian Greenleaf

CATA National Spokesperson, Sir Terence Mathews, also CEO of Wesley Clover, said, "We are delighted to have an executives of the stature of Mr. Greenleaf on the Innovation Nation team and look forward to his leadership in helping advance the mission."

++ Call to Action:
If you have an interest in Mr. Greenleaf's area of interest please contact CATA CEO John Reid at