CATAAlliance and the C100 Join Forces to Accelerate the Growth of Canada’s Innovation Sectors
June 8, 2010

June 8, 2010

San Francisco, CA and Ottawa, Canada (June 09, 2010)… CATAAlliance, Canada’s largest high tech association, and the C100, a Silicon Valley based non-profit, member-driven organization dedicated to supporting Canadian technology entrepreneurship and investment, announced a partnership today to advance an agenda for growth for Canada’s advanced technology industries.

According to C100 Co-Founder, Chris Albinson "There are something like 300,000 Canadians working in Silicon Valley. We are 'tested metal' -- we form a resource of successful executives. We can act both as mentors and as plug-ins for investment needs. We are a super-charger for Canadian business."

"CATA sees that Silicon Valley's genius lays not so much in individual innovation, because Canadian firms are as innovative as anything in the Valley," said John Reid. "Silicon Valley's genius lies in its ability to act as one network. Canada is fragmented, and CATA is launching a program called "i-Canada" to create a networked, Intelligent Nation. These two programs will work hand-in-hand." "In the global economy," added Mr. Albinson, "knowledge, research and innovation drive economic growth and enhance social well-being. Canada's long-term economic competitiveness depends now, more than ever, on innovation and competitive performance. Innovative sectors require healthy ecosystems from basic research through commercialization. The Canadian innovation sector has been greatly stressed in the most recent economic down turn and needs a supportive eco systems. The creation of a positive public policy environment for industry growth is one of our common goals with CATAAlliance."

The two Groups will work together to achieve changes that create an Intelligent Country in Canada, and combine it with the best of ex-pat resources. An Intelligent Country is made up of communities that create prosperity, stability and cultural meaning in a world where jobs, investment and knowledge increasingly depend on advances in communications. The new global broadband economy challenges us all, creating a world where adaptability outweighs legacy; skills, not resources, are the key to future; and innovation, not location, creates a competitive advantage.

The two Groups will work together to achieve changes that:
  • Strengthen Canada’s brand. Canada is known for great research and engineering, but is not typically recognized as a global leader in commercializing technology.
  • Promotes trade relations that permit Canadian firms to compete, and to effectively seek success and growth in global markets
  • Substantially increase the efforts around commercialization of technology to create globally sustainable innovation ecosystems.
  • Promotes a regulatory climate that does not put a drag on innovation; one that encourages Canadians to lead as creators, innovators and adapters of next generation technologies;
  • Addresses the dearth of funding available for early stage businesses and the financing of growth opportunities in established businesses, including the removal of structural, tax, securities, and accounting impediments between Canada and major trading partners that add cost and impede innovation sector growth.
  • Create better access to globally competitive and connected financing of innovation by strengthening the access to angel, venture, and public market capital for innovative companies.
CATA CEO, John Reid, concluded, "The award of national prosperity will go to those countries that can generate international confidence in their ability to lead in the design, development, production and distribution of goods and services. These countries will attract and retain investment. For Canada to prosper we must become a leading Innovation Nation; we all need to align and do our part to get there."

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About the C100
The C100 is a non-profit, member-driven organization dedicated to supporting Canadian technology entrepreneurship and investment. The C100 is comprised of a select group of Canadians based primarily in Silicon Valley, including executives of leading technology companies, experienced startup entrepreneurs and venture capital investors. C100 members are passionate about leveraging their collective experience, expertise and relationships to help mentor and grow a new generation of successful Canadian-led technology companies. C100 Charter Members include startups CEOs, top executives of companies such as Apple, Cisco, EA, eBay, Face book, Google, Microsoft and Oracle, and venture investors representing more than $8 billion in capital.

About CATAAlliance
The largest high-tech association in Canada, CATAAlliance matches businesses with opportunities across almost every sector, so that we can all do business together. Reaching out from Canada, CATAAlliance members are connected with investment and partnership opportunities with the major global companies. As 80% are exporters, CATA’s members are the arrow-head for global growth.

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