CanWIT (Women in Tech) Talent Finder from the desk of CanWIT's CEO, Sandra Wear
June 6, 2014

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Dear CanWIT community members

In my last update I talked about our outreach program for helping women led companies find capital & collaborators (e.g., channel partners). Here is an example of that outreach program, including an interview from Australia with MiPlan, CEO, Louise Daw. 

Call me if you are interested. Yes we are now working with Springboard Enterprises as part of expanding CanWIT programs, global reach and peer networks.

Now let’s now turn to talent…a topic that has come up again and again in my conversations with executives across the country.

How can CanWIT help companies attract & retain talent and also assist its members find great jobs and careers?

Here are the offerings, that when combined, equal the CanWIT Talent Finder:

-members/ national sponsors only will be given permission to post jobs, search for a job and post a Job Discussion on CATA’s Social Networks (currently with 12 thousand opt in members)

-job postings will published at our Twitter network of 26 thousand opt in Followers and other social communities 

-sponsors will have a custom communiqué created for deployment that outlines their talent needs 

-sponsors will be provided with three advertising spaces on both the CATAAlliance & CanWIT electronic newsletters, including embedding three of their news items as part of the newsletter content 

-sponsors, as a benefit, will have a video interview filmed on their talent interests and opportunities

I should also draw your attention to the fact that we now provide educational videos on corporate culture and transformation to best attract and keep talent. There is also a Career Site at this URL: 

View the above as a template of resources and another CanWIT known for; if you are looking for talent, then please send me an email and we can work with you on a Talent Finder outreach program.

Yours sincerely
Sandra Wear, CEO, CanWIT 
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