University of Ottawa : Community Accessibility Training Initiative
June 5, 2012

The Vision of the Community Accessibility Training Initiative
To provide public and private sector organizations with consistent quality and content of accessibility training across Ontario via Continuing Education Departments of post-secondary school institutions.
What is the Community Accessibility Training Initiative?

The Accessibility By Design Training initiative addresses the needs of government, education and private sector organizations to generate accessible environments, and comply with legislated accessibility standards.
Accessibility training modules under this initiative are delivered via Continuing Education Departments of post secondary school institutions across Ontario. Accessibility training modules are organized via managerial disciplines, HR, IT, Administration, Directors and Managers, Senior management.

Accessibility By Design Training is a collaborative effort involving diverse participants within the accessibility community. The training modules are designed by accessibility specialists and training organizations. Each training module adheres to strict academic, content and quality criteria.

Organizations can be confident that their employees who take training modules in one location receive the same high quality of accessibility training across the province.
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