CATA 2012 Post Budget Advocacy Agenda – Important Call for Guidance & Engagement
August 28, 2012

Provide us with your thoughts and comments on any ways in which CATA might sharpen its advocacy agenda this year!

Key Period for Advocacy 

Provincial and federal legislative bodies are now in summer recess.  This is a key period in which you can promote the sector's needs with your local provincial and federal legislative representatives.  Please review our material and share it with them.

Specifically, as follow-up to the 2012 Budget and its impact on the sector, we have looked at what to do next in our paper "2012 Federal Budget: Where Next: an ICT Transformational Partnerships Program?”   We have released this briefing note at

Also, our members are focused on obtaining a viable Crowdfunding environment in Canada comparable to what will shortly exist in the U.S. and which already exists in Europe and Australia 

Comments on the importance of Crowdfunding to Canada, and correspondence with The Honourable Christian Paradis, Minister of Industry can be viewed at:

CATAAlliance has launched a full campaign in support of Crowdfunding and you can obtain a white paper on the subject at: 

++ Action Item: If you are interested in assisting with the Campaign and/or have feedback or guidance on CATA Advocacy, please contact Russ Roberts, Senior VP, Tax, Finance & Advocacy at