Verdsee Solutions Inc.: new CATA member Advancing the Competitive Innovation Nation & Our Advanced Security & Public Safety mandate
June 4, 2012

We are very pleased to announce that Verdsee Solutions Inc.. has joined the growing ranks of new CATA members, supportive of the industry's Innovation Nation Campaign and utilizing CATA Resources to help grow their business. 

About Verdsee Solutions Inc.

VerdaSee Solutions, Inc. is an advanced solutions integrator that creates products, systems and services that address the most demanding and important "Auto ID" initiatives in the world: those which impact the protection and preservation of human life.  Because the performance requirements of these sectors have such exacting demands, our solutions easily answer the needs of commercial applications in virtually any industry.

++ Action Item:  Please review an Open letter from Sir Terry Matthews, CATA's National Spokesperson, on 
Why Join CATA. In the Open letter, there is also a link to a CATANet TV video interview of CATA President, John Reid, talking about business leverage provided by the CATAAlliance.