Netflix like platform offered to Canada’s Innovation community: CATANet TV Channels for Women in Tech, Advocacy Leadership, MHealth, Public Safety & Cyber Security, & SRED & Growth Incentives
June 3, 2015

Ottawa...CATAAlliance ( launched today its version of Netflix, on a newly developed CATAnetTV video platform with 120 video interviews of business and community leaders. Viewers are able to access CATAnet TV at:

CATA CEO, John Reid said, “ We are ramping up our TechNOW video interviews for CATANet TV Channels with thought leaders in Canada and around the world as part of adding rich content to the platform and sharing best practices with the community.”

Hot Links to Speciality Channels with descriptions

In addition viewers can access a SR&ED & Growth Incentives On Demand Channel (pay per view) at:

The CATAnetTV platform is linked to CATA’s social media groups of the same name, and integrated with CATA’s networks on Linkedin, Twitter, Google +, Pinterest, Facebook, Tumblr & Reddit.

Reid, concluded, “The combination of video with social media is a very powerful outreach engine now being used to advance corporate leadership, branding and best practice insights for growth.”


John Reid, CATA CEO