Advanced Security, Public Safety & Interoperability Updates from the desk of Kevin Wennekes, CATA's VP of Research
June 3, 2011

Dear Colleagues
As per usual, here are few important updates and announcements for you.

National Teleforum on the Vancouver First Responder Vendor Outreach Forum – June 9th @ 1 p.m. EST

Join us as our guest next Thursday afternoon for a discussion on our upcoming 4th Annual First Responder VOF taking place October 18 and 19th in Vancouver.
You will hear from Michael Doucet, Chief Technology Officer of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, Inspt. (Ret`d) Lance Valcour, supporting the Canadian Police Research Centre and the Canadian Interoperability Technology Interest Group; Russell Heal, Project Manager, General Dynamics Canada, and; Jim Peter Safar, President, Inter-op Canada.
The conversation is expected to answer common questions relating to the Forum and provide you with a better understanding around its unique format, the value the Forum brings to the First Responder and public safety communities, and how vendors both large and small benefit from their investment in this unique partnership building event.
A Q&A session will allow you to ask any of us a question directly. See the more detailed release here:
There is no cost to participate, however only a limited number of spaces are available. Please contact my colleague Emily Boucher at with ‘VOF Teleforum’ in the subject line to reserve your space.

Vancouver VOF Speaker Update

We are pleased to announce that Deputy Chief Karen Fry of the Surrey Fire Service will be a guest speaker and Executive Boardroom participant at this year’s Forum! She joins a strong line-up of other speakers, identified here: - space is still available for both First Responders and Public Safety and Security reps (who attend for free) and vendors (who can also attend for free… with a sponsorship agreement in place!)
Special Offer for My Network Only: Free Research – All the Time!

In thanks of your continued participation in this network, we are offering you an exclusive opportunity to obtain completely free, on-going access to CATA’s ever-growing Research Repository. In advance of a special new pricing model being launched later this summer whereby any annual paid subscriber or employee of a CATA member company will be able to download any report, whitepaper, or multimedia file from our Research Repository for absolutely no charge, we are offering you an exclusive opportunity to obtain the same advantage, but at only half the cost.
Typically, our annual subscription fee is $900 a year, which will soon allow for no cost downloads of any materials in our repository. As you are part of our personal network, we are offering this to you now for only $450. With this one-time annual fee, you will then be able to access and immediately download any materials from the Repository at no additional cost. 
See these security reports for a small sampling of the intelligence available – now for free with this offer – only a few clicks away:
We have some very exciting studies currently underway in the areas of Commercialization, High Performance Computing, Embedded Systems, and of course many in the security and public safety domain. These reports typically are sold for hundreds of dollars each and sometimes into the thousands.  
To take advantage of this offer, simply reply to this email asking for it and we will start you through the work-around process required to get you registered and downloading right away. 
In Brief
·         Consider participating at the Privacy Security Trust 2011 Innovation Day. This year, the theme is The Development and Retention of Security Competencies. Taking place July 19 at Concordia University, the PST 2011 conference will offer a workshop investigating Advanced Learning Technologies and discuss how security competencies can be better developed and maintained in modern organizations.  This one-day event will feature keynote talks, presentations on the State-of-the-Art in Advanced Learning Technologies, a panel discussion and a networking reception. See this link for more information and to register:
·         You simply cannot go wrong sponsoring and participating at the annual Canadian Public Safety Interoperability Workshop. Now in its fifth year, this workshop sells out early so consider acting quickly. CATA is sponsoring again this year, and we look forward to seeing many of you participating at this year’s session in Ottawa.
·         Do you have a First Responder or public safety and security-related event, research paper, procurement opportunity, job, or special offer that you believe those in this network might like to know about? Then let us know and we will certainly consider including it in future updates.
Thanks as always for your continued participation in this network. Please consider expanding this support to include formal membership in CATA, or by subscribing to our Research Repository. As a non-profit, membership based organization which receives no government funding, we rely on our members and research subscribers to enable us to advance our work in these critical areas. Please email us to find out how your support of us, ultimately helps in our support of you.
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