Canada's Commercialization Gap: Celestica video leads to launch of a major study on Effective Commercialization of Innovation in Canada: Engage with us
June 2, 2011

Dear Community Members

Please view the above videos of Celestica's VP, Mike Andrade as he discusses Canada's Commercialization Gap and then add your views to the conversation.

The video was the impetus for CATA and its partner organizations embarking upon a strategic program of investigations concerning Canadian industry commercialization practices, issues and ways for enhancing commercialization effectiveness in the face of growing global competition.

Our Steering Committee includes executives from the University of Waterloo, UOIT, EDC, BDC, OCE, Ontario & Federal Ministries, the Chamber of Commerce, the Alliance for Commercialization of Canadian Technologies and a number of private sector groups.

The results will help Executive Managers  benchmark their organizations success in commercialization of innovation and to develop better practices and programs for ensuring competitiveness on the global scale. The results will also help provincial and federal government departments, as well as relevant Not-for-Profit organizations, by serving as an indicator of commercialization success (and/or failure) of their programs and by providing ideas for other programs aiming to enhance innovative capacity and enable its competitive commercialization.

As your advocate,  we will use the results to rework how we support commercialization in Canada, leading to a better showing on global benchmarks.

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If you have an interest in this research, please contact CATA's CEO John Reid at