Singapore Research Institute seeks Technology Collaborations--digital and interactive media
May 31, 2006

Singapore Research Institute seeks Technology Collaborations

  • Collaboration opportunities with Singapore Research Institute
  • For Canadian Advanced Technology Enterprises, Universities and Research Institutes
  • Targeting Technologies in digital and interactive media sectors
  • Respond by: June 9, 2006

Contact: CATAAlliance
Phone: (613) 236-6550

Call to Action:
Confirm your interest in Doing Business with the Singapore Research Institute by email to Muriel Debroy


Ottawa, May 31, 2006... A Singapore-based Research Institute wishes to identify innovative Canadian organizations whose research core competencies are in digital and interactive media.

The Singapore Research Institute integrates R&D in information, communications and media (ICM) technologies to develop holistic solutions across the ICM value chain. Its research capabilities are in information technology and science, wireless and optical communications, and media analysis, processing and applications. The Singapore based research institute an amalgamation of earlier research centres dating back to 1985, was formally established in 2002 and now has over 350 staff.

The Singapore government has recently announced that digital and interactive media will be a core research cluster and as such has allocated major funding to enhance their competencies in this area. Canadian researchers’ technological expertise in this area will have opportunities to leverage on Singapore's research infrastructure, talent, and funding.

As a Commonwealth country, Singapore is a natural business partner for Canadian firms. Canadian companies can save as much as fifteen percent over dealing with non-Commonwealth countries because of common language, contract and legal systems and business practices. View Commonwealth Advantage for morre details.

 Success Stories:

The Advanced Audio Zip (AAZ) technology - Researchers have developed AAZ, a scalable to lossless audio codec, which enables the compression of digital audio and offers quality superior to CDs. The contribution of AAZ to MPEG-4 SLS introduces a new dimension to audio archival, playback, download and streaming

Innovative coding techniques - Researchers developed a design to enhance data-rate for Wireless Personal Area Networks (WPANs). The enhancement achieves a data rate six times higher than the current IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, Inc.) 802.15.4 standard and has been adopted by IEEE in the wireless standards (802.15.4b).

Technology Focus List:

In terms of looking for partners and new solutions, main areas of interest include:

- cryptography; bio informatics; data integration; information quality; system and network security; data mining; context-aware systems

- radio transceivers; antenna; passive RFID system; UWB localisation;UWB imaging radar; MIMO; software re-configurable systems; digital modems; smart antenna systems; fibre-based technology; optical communication networks; network architecture, protocols & middleware; communication architecture & signal processing

- efficient coding, compression, transmission, authentication for audio image, video; perceptual visual metrics; language processing; information extraction; indexing; media semantics retrieval; pattern analysis & recognition; computer vision; video understanding; speech processing & enhancement; discrete transforms, data fusion & optimization; brain-machine interface; acoustic noise cancellation; multi-sensor signal fusion & source decomposition; wearable & pervasive computing

Qualification of Interests and Next Steps:

  • Review the Institute’s Technology IT's Focus List (see above) and determine your organization's area of interest.
  • Ensure that your organization has relevant published scientific papers, presentations and/or patents that can be reviewed by the Institute’s evaluation team.
  • Contact CATAAlliance with your expression of interest, providing key contact and background information. Your organization will then be provided with a URL link to a simple template for completion.
  • Confirm your CATA membership status. Processing fees may apply.
  • All expressions of interest must be submitted by June 9, 2006, 17:00 EST by email to Muriel Debroy.

Next Steps:

  • The Research Institute will review information from selected candidates to determine which areas are of qualified interest for future follow-up.
  • The Research Institute will coordinate internally to make sure that each selected Canadian company would be able to meet with the appropriate Director. Follow-up could take several forms including teleconference, videoconferences and site visits to determine the appropriate vehicle for collaboration.

CATA is undertaking this initiative on behalf of its partner, International Trade Canada.