Unified Tax and Finance Voice for Canada’s Technology Industries: Russ Roberts appointed Sr. Vice President, CATAAlliance
May 30, 2008

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Ottawa, May 30, 2008…CATAAlliance (www.cata.ca) announced today the
appointment of Russ Roberts, one of Canada’s leading tax and regulatory experts,
as the Alliance’s Senior Vice President, Tax and Finance.


CATA President, John Reid, noted, “Dr. Roberts, will, among other things, work
towards creating a unified voice for the industry on SR&ED and related Tax and
Finance issues. As well, he will create a resource centre of excellence for the community.


He builds on a considerable knowledge base, is highly respected by his peers and brings
with him a network of high level relationships integral to successful advocacy. Dr. Roberts
will be supported by CATA’s Survey and Research Division and by the Special Advisory
Group drawn from the membership.

Dr. Roberts will be regularly updating the community on Tax and Finance Advocacy,
though expert briefing notes, Roundtable meetings and video presentations. For the
latest SR&ED update, you can now view Russ on CATA TV at:


Reid added, “To help unify the industry’s voice, we will create an Advisory Group under
Dr. Robert’s direction. Each of our core members will be putting forward executive
representative to assist with the one voice mandate.”


Past Roll with CATA 

Dr. Robert’s appointment as Senior Policy Director of the CATAAlliance in 1998 reflected
the importance that the Alliance and the community place on finding ways to improve the
functioning of the SR&ED tax credits. This work obtained the commitment of the Minister
of National Revenue in 1998 to an action plan for the SR&ED program’s improvement.

Since then, he has continued to foster the creation of coalitions of businesses and associations
that have documented the problems in the program's administration and CRA’s progress.

For further details of Dr. Robert’s career, see below.


Relevant Experience


Dr. Roberts is a nationally recognized leader in Canada’s Scientific Research
and Experimental Development (SR&ED) Tax Credit Program with over
20 years of experience. He is recognized for his work in promoting the
development of more effective, less intrusive and efficient regulation that
minimizes unintended impacts and costs to business.


·         As the Senior Science Advisor of Revenue Canada (now, the Canada
Revenue Agency - CRA) during the SR&ED program’s inception, he led
the development of the interpretive policies on the eligibility of R&D for
the tax credits, including Information Circular IC 86-4 and the associated
application papers.  He led and facilitated many of the key consultations
with the private sector that achieved the broad consensus on these. 
He developed and managed the technical operational review practices
and was responsible for resolving contentious claims for eligibility.


·         He was a key contributor in the development of the refined definition
of SR&ED found in the current legislation and the guidance subsequently
developed by the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) on its application.


·         He led the development of the Software Guidance for the CRA and
the Software Community.  This guidance represents the consensus of
the CRA and industry on the types of information technology projects
that qualify for the SR&ED tax credits.  He also led the joint training of
the CRA and the industry on this guidance.


·         He served as an expert witness in the case of Northwest Hydraulic
Consultants Ltd.  This case resulted in one of the pivotal decisions on
the interpretation of the definition of SR


·         Through his work with CATAAlliance, he has assisted the community
and the CRA in understanding how well the management of the
SR&ED program is functioning, including the development of indexing
techniques to measure progress. He is recognized for his efforts
to promote consensus between the parties on how to most effectively
deliver the program. 


·         For the past 7 years, he has been a member of the National SR&ED
leadership team of Deloitte & Touche LLP where he focused on the
development of quality control processes and the development of the
Ottawa practice.


In addition to his work with the public and private sectors to obtain consensus on SR&ED
policy, Dr. Roberts is recognized for his work in other areas as a facilitator and
in developing effective processes for consultation, including web based approaches. 


·         He led the development and introduction of the Federal Government’s
methodology for the assessment of the impact of regulation on businesses,
the Business Impact Test, and its initial application.


·         He has extensive experience in applying consultative, consensus-building
processes to the determination of the impacts of tax, environmental, health
and safety, and economic regulation on business.



Professional History


1998-               CATAAlliance

2008-               Regulatory Science Associates, Inc.

2001-2008       Deloitte & Touche LLP

1998-2000       Regulatory Science Associates, Inc.

1992-1997       Industry Canada

1985-1991       Revenue Canada (now, the Canada Revenue Agency – CRA)

1970-1984       National Research Council of Canada (NRC)





Russ received his Ph. D. in organic chemistry from the University of California,
Davis, and his B.A. from Willamette University, Oregan, in chemistry and mathematics.


++ Action Item: Executives interested in working with Russ Roberts in advancing the SR&ED Advocacy should contact John Reid at jreid@cata.ca  Executive representatives will be invited to be part of a private on line Forum that CATA is setting up to facilitate information exchange, relationship building and problem resolution. Companies may also wish to engage CATA in developing specific SR&ED Advocacy Campaigns