New CATAAlliance Advocacy Leadership Video Channel Launched: Follow today to receive updates
May 29, 2015

++ Action Items:

Please view our summary note below and Follow the Advocacy Leadership Video Channel at: and then, opt-in to the CATAAlliance Forum Group at:


The Advocacy Leadership Channel amplifies our core CATAAlliance social media Forum, an opt-in moderated Group with more than 11 thousand members now benefiting from peer connections, information exchanges and legislative alerts.

CATAAlliance is an active participant in the formation and delivery of government framework tax policies, regulations and activities that are critical to the success of Canada's high-tech industries. Your corporate guidance and participation are needed and appreciated as we can leverage the industry voice to be both clear and accurate for maximum effect.

In many respects CATA is a political party, the party of the Canadian high tech industries. Similar to a political party, our Platform is built from Policy Planks linked to Specific Recommendations which will ensure success for Canada in the global economy. We actively encourage all of Canada's political leaders to better understand and embrace what it takes to create a knowledge based Canada.

As we receive feedback and direction from the membership, recommendations are continuously updated and then communicated to decision makers as part of CATA's advocacy leadership.