i-CANADA.me – A New National Dream: Neil McEvoy, Cloud computing entrepreneur
May 27, 2011

i-Canada.me – Blog series : What does i-Canada mean for ME?

I find the i-Canada initiative from CATA really quite inspiring, it has the right headline message of ‘A New National Dream’.

Be sure to read the Declaration and sign it.

So I thought the best way to help this campaign, to help realize the stated goals would be to define where and how it overlaps with the ambitions here to grow a Canadian Cloud computing industry.

I’ll reach out to relevant experts and ask them to speak personally and honestly: What does i-Canada mean for ME?

Specifically, how can it help achieve the i-Canada ‘Innovation Nation‘ measures to address the factors that hold up innovation in Canada, such as the need for more funding for start-ups, better intellectual property measures, tackles regulatory hold-ups and helps Canadian start-ups expand abroad.

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