WORLD FUTURE CITIES SUMMIT: A CATA partnered event with discount code
May 25, 2016

Bill Hutchison, i-Canada Chair, member CATA Innovation Leadership Council

Dear Community members,

CATA is pleased to invite you to be enjoy a special discount of 30% off the price of registration at a CATA-sponsored event that you might have an interest in attending:  The WORLD FUTURE CITIES SUMMIT:

The WORLD FUTURE CITIES SUMMIT shows what India, America and many other countries and cities around the world are doing to become Smart Communities.  CATA members like IBM have contributed  featured speakers.

From practical examples to new concepts like Blockchain, the SUMMIT prepares Mayors, CEOs and community leaders for a future where success is totally dependant on smart people using smart platforms.  

More detail on the SUMMIT can be found in the URL above; here in addition are SUMMIT References from trade press articles:

Pratap Padode, founder & director, Smart Cities Council India: India’s lessons for Canada:

Craig Settles, broadband expert: broadband is the “killer app” for communities:

Patricia McCarney, Director Global Cities Institute: a clear vision of where wealth and future jobs will come from:

The SUMMIT runs from June 9-10 at the MaRS Centre in Toronto.  It includes the launch evening of LUMINATO.

For the CATA registration discount please contact: Barry Gander, Co-Founder, i-CANADA at

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