Join us for a private Breakfast With Leaders: Telcom & e-Services $$$$ In A Wealthy African Country
May 24, 2006

Botswana's diamond mines have made it one of Africa's wealthiest countries, with an excellent credit rating. Telecommunications projects in Botswana offer opportunities to Canadian companies looking to grow their exports. A VIP from the country's Ministry of Communications will be in Ottawa on Wednesday, June 7th, to explore your ICT capabilities, particularly e-government and the delivery of government services, such as e-health, e-education, e-employment, and so on.

Place: Rideau Club,
99 Bank Street, 15th Floor,
Ottawa ON
Time: 8:00 a.m. - 11:00 a.m.
Date: Wednesday, June 7th, 2006
RSVP: To confirm your attendence, please register online
Cost: There will be a cover charge of $25.00.

Botswana overtook the U.S. last year to land just behind Australia and Canada in the ranking for mining investment potential. Botswana is a flourishing, constitutional multiparty democracy. It has a profitable diamond industry harnessed through good governance practices and as a Commonwealth country has a good credit rating -- in fact, it is the best credit risk in Africa. Reporting on Botswana's pro-business attitude, a mining industry report noted: "Diamonds changed the finances of Botswana, but a fiercely independent government which is doing all it can to encourage foreign investment, especially foreign mining investment, has elevated Botswana to a new status as an attractive investment destination and gateway to developing world investments.

On the telecom sector, Botswana is developing it's telecommunication network capacity to build an innovative and highly competitive economy. Canada was involved in the development of the country's information, communication and technological (ICT) infrastructure. This initiative is a major step toward closer bilateral relations between both countries with the potential for a number of "spin-off" projects. The Government of Botswana intends to spend over C$280 million in this sector over the next five years.

Among the projects:

  • Undersea fibre-optic cables on the east and west coast of Africa

  • Implementation of a rural telecommunications programme

  • implementation of an e-business environment and e-government services

  • Connecting communities involving provision of ICT access points in rural areas across the country and the computerization (and the provision of related services) of all government departments and related agencies.

The Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Communications, Science and Technology from Botswana, Mrs Nganunu, will be in Ottawa to meet the Canadian private sector to explain what business development in the ICT sector could be of interest to them. She will be accompanied by two experts.

During the private breakfast (by confirmed invitation only) you will be able to speak frankly with Mrs. Nganunu and her colleagues about telecommunications opportunities in Botswana. The meeting will be MC'd by The Honourable Sinclair Stevens, President, Commonwealth Advantage, and hosted by John Reid, President of the Canadian Advanced Technology Alliance (CATA).