MiPlan Seeks Investor Interest & Collaboration Partners in Canada’s mining sector: Confirm your interest today
May 23, 2014

Ottawa, May 28, 2014... MiPlan, a privately held Australian based “Rising Star” enterprise, is now reaching out to investors and collaborators (e.g., channel partners) to accelerate its growth strategy. The Company is working with Springboard Enterprises and CATAAlliance as part of a Canadian and global outreach program.

MiPlan's solutions allow you to take control of your data management and reporting needs. Gain access to live data across multiple systems, from a central location without using data warehousing or complex integration. The solutions target the Mining industry.

  • Eliminate the need to build complex, customised spread sheets to fill the data management and reporting gaps of existing systems.
  • Define business rules and reports across systems quickly and easily from a central interface.
  • Design and deploy easy to use data entry forms via tablets for on the go data capture.

MiPlan has addressed the challenges faced with using tablets in rugged and remote areas and already has several successful implementations of MiiNT throughout Australia, including two of Australia’s largest mine contractors. The tablet data capture is providing these businesses with a cost effective alternative to paper based and fleet management solutions assisting them to realise productivity improvements and cost savings on a daily basis.

MiPlan has an in-depth understanding of challenges facing the mining industry.

·These challenges include: Productivity not meeting Requirements; Rising Cost of Production; Unskilled Staff; Inability to react to changing conditions in a timely manner; Inefficient data collection; and, Data Management. 

o   Through experience and innovation MiApps have been developed as game changers in responding to this challenging environment.

·Mine Operations reliance on paper and its inability to arm key personnel with the right information in a timely manner is costing the industry billions through inefficiencies and lost productivity.

·MiPlan’s mine intelligence solution, MiiNT allows operations to go paperless by collecting  key operational data directly from the source using off the shelf tablets  in near real time. Data collected in the field is then enriched and presented as actionable information to key stakeholders responsible for driving productivity improvements and cost savings by knowing  where resources are, production against plan and the costs of operation in near real time.

Attachments: Please view an slide deck reviewing MiPlan’s milestones, marketplace analysis and business model at this URL: https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/13UrBtoekqnkG-Cjg1yuqlirQkkm0w9-_AUkN2wV9-EA/edit?usp=sharing

++ Action Item: Please confirm your interest to: 

Louise Daw, Co-Founder & Director, MiPlan
Perth, WA 409847648

About MiPlan
MiPlan Consulting is a software development business specialising in solutions for the mining industry.

** Interested in a company outreach program?  then, send an email to CATA CEO, John Reid at jreid@cata.ca or to SpringBoard Enterprises, CEO, Amy Millman  at <amy@springboardenterprises.org>