Springboard to Growth Capital for Women-led companies in Digital Media: Confirm your interest today
May 23, 2012

As part of CATA’s Innovation Nation program (relating to access to capital ), we are teaming up with Washington-based Springboard Enterprises to help women-led companies raise capital and  further develop peer relationships.

Led by CEO, Amy Millman, Venture-catalyst Springboard Enterprises is the premier platform where entrepreneurs, investors, and industry experts meet to build great women-led businesses. Springboard educates, sources, coaches, showcases and supports high growth companies seeking equity capital for expansion.

 ++ Action Item: If you are a women entrepreneur leading a company in the digital media/technology sector who are or will be looking for an institutional round of funding in the near future, please contact CATA’s Communications Director, Emily Boucher at eboucher@cata.ca

Ps We also have venture capital programs with the TSX as well as advocacy campaigns such as Crowdfunding underway to help increase access to venture capital