Mayor Brad Woodside Honoured With Leadership Award from Canada’s Innovation Community: 29th Annual CATAAlliance Gala
May 21, 2014

OTTAWA, May 21, 2014  --  Brad Woodside, Mayor of Fredericton, New Brunswick, received the Public Sector Leadership Award today for his contributions to advancing the knowledge economy of Canada.  The award was given at the prestigious Annual CATAAlliance Innovation and Leadership Awards Gala Dinner.  CATA  -  the Canadian Advanced Technology Alliance  -  is Canada’s largest high-tech organization, and for 29 years has presented the Leadership Award to leaders such as Premiers, CEOs and thought-leaders from social and academic organizations.

 “Brad has coordinated Fredericton’s remarkable drive to high-tech prominence,” said CATA President John Reid.  “Fredericton has been named three times as a Top Seven candidate in the Intelligent Community Forum’s (ICF) Most Intelligent Community competition, and was once the only Canadian city to be in the running.

The ICF is a non-profit think tank that studies the impact of broadband and related technologies on the creation of prosperous local economies and cultures across the globe.  Gaining a place among the Top Seven is a major achievement as well as a step toward even greater recognition for communities working to create prosperity and social inclusion.

Mayor Woodside is also on the Governors Council of i-CANADA, an organization Chaired by Bill Hutchison, a member of the CATA Board.  i-CANADA is dedicated to helping communities build places where people want to live, in the world’s leading Intelligent Nation.  Mayor Woodside has gone across Canada as an i-CANADA representative, inspiring other cities to bring themselves forward as Intelligent Communities.  “This is vital work,” said Mr. Hutchison.  “Intelligent Communities or Smart Cities have invariably got a more sustainable economy, a knowledge-sector work force, and a more prosperous and inclusive society.”

Mr. Woodside has been the mayor of Fredericton, New Brunswick since 1986.  He is the incoming President of the Federation of Canadian Municipalities.  First elected as a councillor in 1981, he also served as deputy mayor. In 1986, Woodside was elected Mayor of Fredericton and is now serving his eighth term, which makes him the longest serving mayor of Fredericton.  As Mayor, Woodside can count a range of accomplishments, including promoting information technology in Fredericton, and the development of information technology infrastructure such as the Fred eZone wireless zone.

“Mayor Woodside represents one of our best hopes of dominating the ‘Intelligent Economy’, stated Mr. Reid.  “Every month, around the world, a new city the size of New York arises.  This is the Age of the Community, and there is a $1-Trillion market for making them Intelligent.  Mayor Woodside has shown the way, and has shown that he is a national asset in helping other Canadian communities move forward.”

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