Toronto’s Global Culture Being Showcased For International Competition: Register Today for the i-CANADA SUMMIT, “The Seven Habits of Highly Intelligent Communities”
May 21, 2013

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Toronto, ON, May 21, 2013... “The amazing cultural diversity of the City of Toronto” is a potent advantage that adds weight to Toronto’s entry in an important international competition, according to Waterfront Toronto Director, Intelligent Communities, and VP i-CANADA, Kristina Verner. 

Four of Toronto’s stellar performers will be on display in both Toronto and New York, in a 20 minute performance which highlights the two human-values themes for top intelligent Communities: culture and peace.  A performance in Toronto on June 3rd will act as a stepping-stone for the international competition in New York later in the week.  The competition is being held among the top seven global contenders for the title of Intelligent Community of the Year, awarded by the Intelligent Community Forum think-tank. 

“Toronto’s great strength is that it is the world in miniature,” said Ms. Verner.  “We have more than 200 ethnic communities and half of our population was born outside Canada.  Toronto has a depth of world richness that few other cities can match.”

Winning the title adds to a city’s magnetism for international investment as well as prestige. 

On June 3rd, four of the city’s cultural stars will give a 20-minute performance at the i-CANADA SUMMIT, “The Seven Habits of Highly Intelligent Communities”.  Both the performance and the SUMMIT will reinforce Canada’s drive for prominence in creating Intelligent Communities  --  communities  that consistently display better economic performance, sustainable environments, and better living standards.

The performers at the SUMMIT are:

George Elliot Clarke - Toronto's poet laureate (member of the Order of Canada).  His work explores the experience and history of the Black Canadian communities of Nova Scotia and New Brunswick, creating a cultural geography that Clarke refers to as "Africadia".

Kiki Dubé – The official  electric violinist at the Leafs and Raptors games.  From Trinidadian and Norwegian parents, she has been playing the violin for over 20 years, since the age of three.  She also explores sociology and psychology, exploring the therapeutic effect of her violin.

Mustafa Ahmed - A 17-year-old spoken-word poet who talks about world issues and everyday life. His poems make adults cry and other students jump to their feet and clap.

Naghmeh Faramond – An Iranian percussionist and International recording artist. She has been working with world music: Arabian, Bulgarian, Turkish, Indian and also Jazz. She has been teaching in different institutes for 15 years and has taught master classes around the world.

On June 4th, the Toronto SUMMIT will also feature a multi-media cultural event called the “Silken Dance”, a newly developed, performance-based therapy dedicated to Bullying Prevention.  In this innovative amalgam of art and technology a cloud of silk floats around dancers from the Ballet Jorgen Company wearing computer sensors which translate their movement into captivating rhythms and sounds.  The dance is a central element in a Bullying Prevention program being put on across Canada by the i-CANADA Peace Alliance.  Brian Bronfman, President of the Peace Grantmakers Network, officially launches the Bullying Prevention program at the SUMMIT.  “Dance is an effective means of exploring the emotional motors of bullying behaviour,” said Mr. Bronfman  “It complements the core of our program, in which we will be sharing evidence-based practices and promising programs in bullying prevention through a series of cross-Canada symposiums.”  The first symposium will take place in Montreal in November.

 The launch of the Bullying Prevention program follows a session on Leadership In Intelligent Communities, stressing the impact that collaboration will have on the speed of Intelligent Community development; the event is MC’d by Waterloo Mayor Brenda Halloran, and backed by the Canadian Women In Technology (CanWIT) organization.  CanWIT is holding a related AGM on the subject of embracing women immigrants into the technology community; a key speaker is Dr. Laurelle Jno Baptiste, Co-founder and Chief Operating Officer of ScholarLab, a leading edge provider of online learning.

Renowned human rights activist Flora Terah will then speak to women’s rights around the world, from her experience as a victim of violence in Africa.

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