Are You Ready for the Russian Federation and Ukraine Marketplaces? New Guides Now available
May 21, 2008

Ottawa, May 23, 2008… The opportunities and complexities of the
Russian Federation and Ukraine markets must be clearly understood
by Canadian businesses developing their growth strategies.

Are you prepared to respond?

The newly published Russian Federation and Ukraine Guides
will assist you in assessing these opportunities.

The Russian information and communications technology (ICT) is
going from strength to strength on the back of robust economic
growth, greater political stability, expanding consumer base, and
increasing foreign investments. Broadband Internet is expanding
rapidly due to the rising connectivity of Russian towns, in line with
the Government's E-Russia policy. Meanwhile, new special economic
zones (SEZs), techno-parks, and provision of venture capital are
enhancing opportunities in the Russian ICT industry.

Information Technology markets in the Ukraine have been growing
stably during the last five years. The growth of IT industry export
totaled 60% and rose to $280 million in 2006; the growth of IT
market totaled 25-30%. According to IDC forecast, Ukrainian
Information Technology market is expected to grow 15-17%
and reach $2.4-2.5 million in 2007.

CATA has had a multidisciplinary team from University of Quebec (UQO)
create comprehensive Guides to Business Development In the Russian
Federation (232 pages) and Ukraine (197 pages) focused on the
practical modalities of interaction between Canadian high tech
enterprises and these growing markets. Research was directed by
Professor Tamas Koplyay and co-supervised by CATA EVP, Barry Gander.

If your organization plans to market to, or needs information on these
growing markets, the Guides could be your "success map".

The Guides are divided into multiple Chapters with many hotlinks to
information sources. Key topics include:

  • General Overview
  • Foreign Business Structure
  • Import and Export Policies
  • Market Analysis
  • Human Resources
  • Taxation and Finance
  • Intellectual and Industrial Property Rights
  • Business Culture
  • Success Stories

Get the Guides to Business Development in the Russian Federation
and Ukraine
today - a comprehensive 416 page document, written
to respond to CATA's needs analysis Survey of companies doing business
in or planning to expand in these markets. The Guides contains dozens of
useful links and extensive references for further research and analysis.

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To obtain the Guides to Business Development in the Russian
Federation and Ukraine
, please contact

Cost: $595 plus gst. If you are a member of CATA, the
Guide is yours for $95 plus gst.