Shared Services Canada: Smart Sourcing Advisory Committee Summary Report, March 2014 for feedback and guidance
May 20, 2014

                            1.1      Background

Shared Services Canada (SSC) is a federal department that was created on August 4, 2011 to modernize how the federal government manages its information technology (IT) infrastructure. SSC is mandated to operate and transform the government’s IT infrastructure. Through applying a horizontal approach, SSC is responsible for delivering more efficient, reliable and secure IT infrastructure services to 43 partner federal organizations.

SSC has launched three major transformation efforts in the areas of email, data centres and networks to standardize and consolidate IT infrastructures in order to deliver better value for money and to improve service and security. To identify and implement effective whole-of-government solutions, SSC is engaging with industry to explore options, to validate approaches and to provide guidance.

Currently, SSC is looking at frameworks to inform its IT sourcing decisions and practices around which services are best performed in-house and which are better suited for an alternative delivery model. There are significant opportunities to change the way IT services are provided in order to deliver on SSC’s mandate to generate savings, improve service, increase security and ensure sustainability.

As part of the process of exploring how best to move forward, SSC wants to build on proven models in both the public and private sectors to incorporate leading practices where applicable. SSC recognizes the important role that the private sector plays in the transformation of the government’s IT infrastructure and has engaged in consultative exercises to gather advice and guidance on SSC initiatives. SSC also recognizes our valued employees who bring a wealth of expertise and dedication to delivering quality service to the Government of Canada. All sourcing options are being considered to find the right balance between public and private service delivery.

                            1.2      Purpose and scope

The purpose of this document is to outline the feedback from and the consultations with the Information and Communications Technology (ICT) sector through the Smart Sourcing Advisory Committee (SSAC), a sub-committee of the Information Technology Infrastructure Roundtable (ITIR).

The report also presents SSC’s sourcing analytical and decision support framework based on these consultations. This framework presents a tool that will help to inform SSC’s IT sourcing decisions and practices around which services are best performed in-house and which are better suited for an alternative delivery model. It presents the decision categories and criteria that will guide these future decisions, along with the key requirements for a sourcing framework. 

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