Addressing the growing trend of human hacking in the contact centre
May 19, 2015

Toronto, ON – The growing use of social engineering, or “human hacking”, has gained media and industry attention with many sophisticated crime rings using human trust and lack of proper training to gain access to critical information systems. CATAAlliance (CATA) and the Greater Toronto Contact Centre Association (GTACC) will tackle the cross-industry issue in a morning session designed to help organizations better understand and prepare their organizations and employees against these types of attacks.

The June 24th session, hosted by TELUS, will bring together security experts to discuss and share insights into what is driving this growing threat impacting public and private sector organizations. “We are seeing an emerging trend towards the use of social engineering and the contact centre is a key target for cyber criminals” says Katherine Thompson, Vice-President and National Spokesperson for CATA. “The recent Apple Pay fraud scheme is just another example of how sophisticated criminals are gaining the trust and support of improperly trained front line staff in order to carry out their objectives” adds Thompson

The morning session will feature a keynote address along with a security panel Q&A allowing audience members to dialogue with some of the industries most respected cyber security experts. “This collaboration with CATA and TELUS will help prepare contact centres to be better equipped to deal with the security challenges around us” says Sangeeta Bhatnagar, President of GTACC.

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