Stellar Opening of CanWIT in Kitchener-Waterloo: Mayor Halloran, among many community leaders get behind the Women in Tech mission
May 19, 2011

A Note from the desk of Joanne Stanley, Executive Director, Women in Tech (WIT) on the opening of the Waterloo region Can WIT chapter

We  attended a  very exciting night on Thursday to publicly launch the Waterloo region CanWIT chapter.  It was a huge event with 150 attendees ( men and women), including, media ( CTV ). Opentext was the launch sponsor; great door prizes from RIM. 
The Mayor, Brenda Halloran opened the night and stayed throughout.  Mayor Halloran is committed to making Waterloo a diverse high tech cluster and is willing to be a spokesperson for our mission.  The panel of stellar, inspirational women included
-- Brenda Halloran, Mayor, City of Waterloo
-- Tobi Day-Hamilton, Director Advancement, Waterloo-Stratford Campus
-- Sarah Shortreed, VP, Planning and CIO Program Office, RIM
-- Carol Leaman, CEO, PostRank
-- Jennifer Smith, VP Engineering, Christie Digital Systems
-- Deb Krizmanich, CEO Powernoodle
-- Reemah Khalid, undergraduate business communications student,
University of Waterloo
Angelique Mohring, Chair,  from Opentext was a STAR, on stage and off. CanWIT in Waterloo will be a huge vibrant community.
Please applaud the CanWIT Waterloo team who follow in the foot steps of BC, Toronto and Ottawa  and are making a difference at grassroots  to motivate, inspire and lead in the creating a community of inclusiveness, diversity and openess  in tech sectors in Canada.  Atlantic Canada to come soon.


CanWIT is a connected organization that provides women in technology with knowledge and passion, allowing them to advance in their careers and businesses and grow the organizations they participate in. CanWIT does this through mentoring, networking, professional development and advocacy. Our vision is to be Canada's premier "go to" forum that is committed to the advancement of women in technology, under the CATAAlliance innovation umbrella. 

++ Acttion Item: Please contact Joanne Stanley at to discuss your interests in participating in CanWIT.