The Ottawa Police Technology Roadmap - $40 Million+ RFP Pending - Access 70-minute video podcast with CIO Daniel Steeves
May 18, 2016

In this 70-minute podcast, Mr. Daniel Steeves, Chief Information Officer with the Ottawa Police Service (OPS), provides a multimedia presentation offering an overview of the OPS IT Roadmap, discussing its tangible and intangible benefits, how it will help the Service to change how it operates and improve public safety outcomes, and critical success factors. Mr. Steeves also answers questions regarding the pending request for proposal (RFP) due to be released this month.

The OPS IT Roadmap involves a 6-year implementation plan that is projected to cost in the range of $40M - $48M and result in $24M in cumulative benefits. The RFP is expected to be released in May 2016 with the Prime selected by October 2016.

To access the recording and a PDF copy of the 65-page briefing material provided during the session, please send an email to Cathi Malette @ requesting access.

Access fees apply, which are added to our advocacy fund to support innovation and entrepreneurship in Canada.
CATA Members: $35
Non-Members: $75
Police Representatives: no cost - request must originate from work email to confirm status

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