Cybercrime Advisory Council Founding Members to Advance Canadian Law Enforcement Capacity & Response
May 16, 2016

The Canadian Advanced Technology Alliance is pleased to announce the formation of a senior body of law enforcement and noted subject matter experts to tackle the many faceted challenges of cybercrime in Canada.

Convening in response to the priorities identified in CATAAlliance's recently released Canadian Law Enforcement Cybercrime Priorities and Needs Report (get a briefing copy here) this esteemed collection of experts will help chart a course seeking a better understanding of the challenges and opportunities facing the law enforcement community in tackling cybercrime, as well as the tools and resources available to them.

With the inaugural launch taking place tomorrow, the Cybercrime Advisory Council will help to establish priorities that seek to help define cybercrime, establish a lexicon, identify capability gaps, recognize and promote champions and expertise, outline needed research, and seek to establish a toolkit of innovative technologies and services available to law enforcement agents on the front lines.

"We are honoured to act as the medium for bringing these leading authorities and subject matter experts together and establishing this advisory council," says CATAAlliance's Chief Business Officer, Kevin Wennekes. "We are uniquely seeking to address not only the issues identified through our efforts at defining exactly what is cybercrime, but also how can law enforcement and justice agencies investigate, identify and share digital evidence, and naturally to help showcase leading Canadian innovations as offered by our corporate members."

"These founding council members will establish a mandate and priority plan which will unquestionably require the support and participation of many additional partners in its delivery," continues Mr. Wennekes. "It's clear cybercrime respects no boundaries, be they geographic or an individual's own home or business walls. It will be critical this council seeks out and secures the future involvement of other key stakeholders not only in Canada, but globally as well. The work is only just beginning and we will welcome the interest and support of other law enforcement, academic, government and corporate partners."

The founding members of the Cybercrime Advisory Council include the following leaders:

Chief Superintendent Jeff Adam
C/Supt., DG Technical Investigation Services, Royal Canadian Mounted Police

Eldon D. Amoroso
Consultant, Birch Forest Projects Inc.
Senior Director, Support Services Division (Retired) London Police Service

Superintendent Paul Beesley
Director, Behavioural, Forensic & Electronic Services, Ontario Provincial Police

Dr. Mourad Debbabie
President, National Cyber Forensics and Training Alliance Canada

Patrick Doyle
Global Justice & Law Enforcement Subject Matter Expert, Unisys

Benoit Dupont
Scientific Director, Smart Cybersecurity Network (SERENE)

Ritesh Kotak
Independent Consultant, Social/Cyber/Digital Technology

Lianna McDonald
Executive Director, Canadian Centre for Child Protection

Eugene Ng, CISSP
CyberSecurity Leader, Eastern Canada, MNP

Christine Robson
I.T. Manager- Durham Regional Police

Peter Sloly
Executive Director, Deloitte

Norman Taylor
President, Global Network for Community Safety (Canada and US)

Scott Tod
Deputy Chief of Police, North Bay Police Service

Alan Treddenick
Director, National Security, BlackBerry


To learn more and to take part in this or other related activities, contact Kevin Wennekes at