Be Like Ada Gives Girls Coding Superpowers: New CanWIT (Women in Tech) CEO, Sandra Wear, Spearheads Talent Creation Venture
May 16, 2014

1-day Bootcamp Gets High-school Girls Interested in Programming 

Vancouver, BC (May 16, 2014) – Be Like Ada, announced today that on July 19th it will hold a bootcamp for 500 high-school girls to learn to code. The event is geared for girls aged 14-17 and will be held at the Rocky Mountaineer station.

The girls will spend a day learning the basics of coding. The bootcamp will teach the elements of coding fundamental to any programming language. The bootcamp is for girls new or somewhat versed in programming.

In Canada there are less than 20% female engineering undergrads. Canada is also facing a shortage of software engineers. Soon most jobs will require an understanding of programming. Unfortunately, programming is often not promoted to girls nor taught in girl-friendly environments. 

The Be Like Ada bootcamp will be fun and show relevant applications. The 500 girls will be presented to female role models and have the ability to build peer-to-peer connections with the other girls at the bootcamp.

“Coding shows up in everything from music creation to robotics. It’s important to show girls the broad range of applicable career choices,” said Sandra Wear, Be Like Ada, Organizer. “We’re showing girls that coding is fun and is like developing their own superpower.”

Be Like Ada has attracted a strong founding circle of support from a wide range of sponsors, community partners, high-schools and trailblazers. It enjoys the full support of CATAAlliance and CanWIT (Women in Tech), a Division of CATAAlliance.

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Individuals interested in buying a ticket can go to the Be Like Ada website or at eventbrite. Early bird pricing is $35 until May 31st; regular tickets are priced at $45. The ticket includes the full-day workshop, registration package and lunch.

About Be Like Ada,, @belikeada,

Be Like Ada’s goal is to help reach 50% female engineering grads and double the number of engineers in Canada. Be Like Ada was inspired by Ada Lovelace. Ada invented programming and is considered to be the first programmer. Be Like Ada is a Tykra Inc. brand. Tykra was founded by successful tech entrepreneur Sandra Wear.

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