Chinese Telecom Distributor/System Integrator Database
May 16, 2007

As part of an export and partnership promotion, CATAAlliance is calling on Canadian ICT companies with an interest in China expansion to complete a brief online profile of their company and expansion ambitions.

This project, being conducted in close collaboration with our China office, will result in the creation of a Chinese telecom distributor/system integrator database that will be shared with businesses in the Shanghai/Beijing/Shenzhen areas towards promoting potential outsourcing, joint venture, co-development, supply arrangement, and other business partnerships.

This initiative will help assist the many Canadian SMEs trying to do business with Chinese telecom giants like Huawei and China Mobile. In addition to large company relationships, there are opportunities for Canadian SMEs to partner with Chinese SMEs—taking advantage of each others technologies and existing networks.

Through your guidance, we can narrow down the scope of this database to specific areas and better assist with collaboration and matching of interests.

Access the online profile here:

Please feel free to contact either myself or our China bureau’s Chief Representative, Qu Sun, for more information on this important initiative.

John Reid
Tel: 613-236-6550
Qu Sun
Chief China Representative
Tel: 86-755-26548505 ext. 606