Ottawa Police Service $ 45 Million Technology Roadmap Podcast with CIO, Daniel Steeves, including 65 Page Description Briefing Now Available
May 14, 2016

Podcast.jpgOttawa Police Service $ 45 Million Technology Roadmap Podcast with CIO, Daniel Steeves, including 65 Page Description Briefing

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Friday, May 13 @ 2:00 PM EST (Podcast now available upon request)

Ottawa Police Service Technology Roadmap with Daniel Steeves

In this live 45-minute podcast, Mr. Steeves provides a multimedia presentation offering an overview of the OPS IT Roadmap, discussing its tangible and intangible benefits, how it will help the Service to change how it operates and improve public safety outcomes, and critical success factors. A live Q&A session is part of the Podcast.

The OPS IT Roadmap involves a 6-year implementation plan that is projected to cost in the range of $40M - $48M and result in $24M in cumulative benefits. The RFP is expected to be released in mid-May 2016 with the Prime selected in early by October 2016.

Wednesday, May 18 @ 11:00 AM EST

Wireless Public Alerting - Ensuring the Most Effective Direction with Dan McArthur

This live briefing will focus on the current state of Public Alerting in Canada, where we are today and where we need to go with inclusion of the Wireless Service Providers participation in providing Wireless Public Alerting to all Canadians and on all networks. Focus will be placed on the need for enhanced processes and the current realities of technology to help shape the future direction and ultimately enhance the safety of all Canadians.

Tune in to the following link at the appropriate date/time to view this interview:

Thursday, May 19 @ 3:00 PM EST

National ICT Strategies in Policing with Inspector Brendan Dodd

Tune into this planned 10-minute interview as Inspector Brendan Dodd provides an overview of the mandate, composition and priorities being addressed by the Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police ICT Committee. He will further discuss plans for the development of a dedicated series of podcasts featuring ICT Committee representatives offering regular updates on key activities taking place on specific files such as NG 911, the Canadian Community Safety Information Management Strategy, and Nationally-Accepted Background Checks for Vendors, to name only a few.

Watch this live broadcast by using this link at the appropriate date/time:

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