Update with New Speaking Notes: Important SR&ED Educational Materials available on how the CRA is focusing its efforts and expects its SR&ED policies to be interpreted & applied by their staff and claimants: Call for Guidance
May 13, 2015


Attached are the speeches delivered at a CRA Seminar (February 2015, Toronto) by Lucie Bergevin, C.A., Director General, Scientific Research and Experimental Development Directorate and Hélène Marquis, Director, Science and Technology Division,  Scientific Research and Experimental Development Directorate, Compliance Programs Branch Canada Revenue Agency during the CPA SRED Symposium in February as additional guidance for the community of present and future SR&ED claimants:



++ Action Item: View detailed SR&ED briefing note at: http://www.cata.ca/Media_and_Events/Press_Releases/cata_pr05121501.html