Exclusive 2007 IT Compensation Survey Aids Hiring, Retention Strategies
May 11, 2007


Ottawa, May 11, 2007…Compensation and job satisfaction information from more than 3,500 IT professionals in Canada will help companies benefit from insights in key areas such as salaries and benefits, job satisfaction and security, compensation satisfaction, staff turn over, job search status, job attractors, and recruitment and retention strategies.

CATAAlliance has teamed with IT World Canada and CareerDoor Inc. to provide the new 2007 IT Salary Survey and Hiring Manager’s Guide to Canada’s high-tech companies. The second annual Salary Survey is the only all-Canadian compensation survey exclusive to the IT profession completed by IT professionals and their hiring managers. It will be available by May 31.

According to CATAAlliance President, John Reid “Our goal is to give Canadian companies a competitive edge in attracting and retaining scarce technology resources in the tight labor market, by providing them the most accurate pay data available. The survey is unique because the employee provides the data and direct insight on what it takes to attract and keep him or her on the job.”

This partnership will also provide for the further development of strategic human resource tools, strategies and recruitment services, such as,

  • Expanding the IT Salary Survey & Hiring Manager's Guide through CATA’s extensive outreach databases

  • IT Job Universe, a niche job board linked to the IT World Canada’s online community reporting IT news, trends and best practices for Canada's top IT professionals

  • Corporate branding via “Best Places to Work in IT” and print recruitment ads in multiple print and electronic publications focused on Canada’s IT community

  • Career Fairs and One on One matching programs between employers and candidates

CATA's partnership with IT World Canada and CareerDoor Inc. is part of "Innovation Nation" which identifies how Canada's economic future hinges on its ability to attract and retain top high-quality talent and provide affordable education, learning and training throughout people’s lives.

++ Action Item: Companies wishing to purchase IT World Canada’s 2007 IT Salary Survey and Hiring Manager’s Guide should contact johnreid@attglobal.net with Salary Survey in the subject line. Note that CATA discounts apply.