Research Report on the ICT-Auto Sector is Now Available at the CATA Research Repository
May 10, 2010

Research Report on the ICT-Auto Sector is Now Available at the CATA Research Repository

Executive Summary

New Research on the ICT-Auto Sector, entitled, “Riding The Comet” is in three parts: a TRENDS REPORT, or environmental scan of the global macro trends around the world that affect the speed and scale of adoption of the Networked Vehicle; a SURVEY that asked Canadian executives both about their level of participation in the Networked Vehicle sector, and their interest in a Networked Highway Test-Bed; and an ANALYSIS of the results.

While the Research focuses on Canada, the trends and momentum would apply to other countries, according to EVP Canadian Advanced Technology Alliance (CATA) Barry Gander: “This is a global phenomenon, with a combined ICT-Auto value which is generally acknowledged to have a global value of more than $100-billion.

Trends accelerating the adoption of ICT-Auto are identified, including:

•Population increase: larger numbers of people world-wide lead to a need to use ICT to maximize the efficiency of traffic flow;

•Urbanization and aging: Increasing numbers have a preference for urban areas, putting even more stress on road systems, while the increase in numbers of senior citizens will put new pressures on highway systems;

•Dominance of ‘digital natives’:  Rising proportions of people born within the PC generation mean that increased demand exists for continuous on-me communications  –  a trend born out by the fact that mobile devices have become the single most-adopted technology in history;

•Energy shortages: reductions in oil supply mean that intelligent systems have to find new efficiencies in engine design, alternative fuels, greener routing, and connected alternatives;

•Environment: Emissions control measures will force the application of ICT to monitor adherence to regulations and make decisions on alternative technical platforms such as fuel cells; and

•Technology: More powerful in-vehicle computing capability will be needed to optimize engine performance, in conjunction with higher bandwidth that makes interactive experiences more compelling;

The Survey revealed that some 30% of the 85 executives who took part are currently active in ICT-Auto.  This number will almost double in the coming 3-5 years.  The companies are most active in the area of Telematics, including safety and navigation, and internal vehicle diagnostics.  The Survey differentiated between applications for vehicle occupants, fleet management, and infrastructure. Most respondents who plan to increase their activities in the coming years, will increase their level of spending, with six companies planning investments of more than $1-million.

 ++ Action Item: Executives can purchase a copy of the 83 page research report entitled, Riding the Comet, at the CATA Research Repository. The cost of the report is $125 for non subscribers.