Full-mobility Business Infrastructure Model – Sponsorship and Branding Opportunities Now Available
May 10, 2008



Of special interest to companies with Web 2.0 technologies & solutions or organizations wishing to brand themselves in the Mobility marketplace

May 14, 2008

CATAAlliance has had a team of experts develop a full-mobility business infrastructure model as part of its Going Bedouin program.  The team focused on service-based infrastructure options, including the use of social networks to drive office productivity.

Several aspects of the program may be of interest to organizations wishing to brand themselves in the Mobility Marketplace, including (1) A Best Ideas Challenge for suggestions on how to take the Bedouin Office to the Next Level; and, (2) a Technology Showcase promoting solutions to Canadian and International markets. 

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++ Action Item: Please review the briefing note and then send an email to CATA’s President, John Reid, jreid@cata.ca  outlining your interests with Going Bedouin in the Header.

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