TechNOW Interview with the Honourable Vernon White: Launching the Public Safety Broadband Network Video Campaign
May 7, 2015

On Wednesday, May 13, at 10:30 a.m. EST, join CATAAlliance's Chief Business Officer, Kevin Wennekes, as he interviews the Honourable Vernon White, Senator, Senate of Canada, in a discussion around the recent announcement in the federal budget supporting the launch of a national Public Safety Broadband Network (PSBN).

Senator White is the distinguished, inaugural speaker of CATAAlliance's PSBN Video Campaign: a planned weekly series of live video interviews of key public safety experts discussing the opportunities, issues and potential pitfalls to avoid in the pursuit of this national communications endeavour.

In his discussion, Senator White is expected to relate the positive operational impacts he believes a PSBN could have in policing based on his own long experience as an officer and a Chief, what challenges and opportunities he believes wait in the wings towards the march to deployment, and finally share how his current role as a Senator affords him a unique view and understanding of the national policy and regulatory implications inherent in the PSBN's advancement.

Senator White's interview will mark the launch of a dedicated, year-long video campaign supporting the advancement of the PSBN, and is an expansion of a 5-year-plus advocacy effort to secure a dedicated 20 MHz of 700 MHz spectrum designated for public safety use. With the recent recognition of the importance of a PSBN now realized by the Canadian government and legitimized with a budgetary commitment, the conversations must now turn to those which explore how to best govern, build, innovate, and commercialize on the opportunities this national initiative will provide.

To watch this interview live, use this link at the designated date/time:

Visit CATAAlliance's Public Safety Advisory Board page for Senator White's recent biography.

Public Safety Broadband Network Video Campaign:

Each week, CATAAlliance will interview an individual authority or panel of experts on a wide range of topics related to the development of a PSBN, and speakers will represent domestic and global private, public and academic interests. As such, conversations will cover a wide range of related issues, including:

  • Defining the use and applications of a PSBN
  • Exploring possible governance models, interoperability standards, and policy needs
  • Defining technology and architecture needs
  • Understanding the Private-Public Partnerships that will be required
  • Exploring a PSBN's potential impact on real-time situational awareness
  • Understanding a PSBN's potential impact on deployment under certain scenarios
  • Discovering what operational efficiencies may be realized
  • Showcasing and promoting current research initiatives
  • Internationally-informed lessons learned or best practices

To be kept regularly updated on the broadcast schedule, contact Kevin Wennekes at asking to be included in future correspondence on this initiative, join his or CATAAlliance's many social media platforms, or regularly review the CATASecure site for updates.


Watch as Kevin Wennekes interviews two figures key to the past direction and future developments of the PSBN campaign: Eric Torunski, Executive Director of the Canadian Interoperability Technology Interest Group, and Steve Palmer, Executive Director of the Collaborative Centre for Justice and Safety at the University of Regina, and Chair of CATAAlliance's Public Safety Advisory Board.

During this video webcast, Kevin provides viewers with a better understanding of Messrs. Torunski's and Palmer's immediate reactions to the Budget announcement, their insights into the impacts of this announcement, and what resulting strategies are now being considered in response. The conversation covers topics including: impact to the Digital Economy; a needed focus on governance and the pursuit of the "Montreal model", importance of technology testbeds; and how to become better involved and aligned with the on-going campaign.

View the video now: