Mobile Wireless in Canada: Recognizing the Problems and Approaching Solutions: New research report available for download
May 7, 2014

The Canadian Media Concentration Research Project is releasing the final iteration of this 73 page report on the state of mobile wireless markets in Canada. The first draft was presented at a panel on “The State of Competition in Canada’s Telecommunications Sector” at the International Institute of Communications (IIC)/Canadian Wireless Telecommunications Association (CWTA) conference on November 17 and 18 that the Ottawa Conference centre. We were delighted to offer our views and to debate the issue of whether mobile wireless markets in Canada are highly competitive or badly concentrated at the Conference.

We argue in favour of the latter claim.
 This report offers a fairly comprehensive, long term body of data that places trends in Canada in a comparative international context. It shows that Canada shares a similar condition with many, indeed, almost all countries that we have studied: high levels of concentration immobile wireless markets. Canada is not unusual in this regard, and indeed no matter whether we look at things from the perspective of 19 countries, the 34 OECD countries, or 57 countries that account for four fifths of the world’s population, the answer is pretty much the same in all cases: concentration levels in mobile wireless markets are “astonishingly high everywhere” (Noam,2013).

The difference between Canada and elsewhere, however, is whether or not there is the resolve to do
 anything about this state of affairs. Until recently, the answer to that question has not been promising, although there are some bright spots on the horizon and it is possible that they will light the way yet.

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