Download a comprehensive slide deck on Crowdfunding: Innovation Leadership Council member speaks out
May 5, 2016

Cindygordon.jpg Cindy Gordon, CATA Innovation Leadership Board Director

++ Action Item: Members can now download a comprehensive slide deck on Crowdfunding prepared by Dr. Cindy Gordon, CEO & Founder SalesChoice Inc., CATA Innovation Leadership Board Director & Crowdfunding National Spokesperson and CanWIT (Women in Tech) National Spokesperson.

The material, essentially a community contribution, was presented at The Sales and Digital Marketing Transformation Conference – May 5th 2016 on the topic of “The Rise of Crowdfunding: Embracing The Sharing Economy.”

Backgrounder on Crowdfunding Advocacy

Download link:

One of the roles of CATAAlliance is to organize advocacy Campaigns that will contribute to innovation leadership in Canada. We launched a Crowd Funding Campaign in 2012 to make it easier for small investors to invest in early stage companies or startups.

Advocacy Campaigns draw on a pool of research, and communications resources as well as the expertise that resides among the thought leaders within the CATAAlliance business network.

Please view Crowd Funding: Securities Legislation: Expert Commentary: Will Canada Keep Up with the U.S.?

Summary Slide Presentation Comments

Crowdfunding for Equity Enablement in Canada started in my living room with Sherwood Neiss: Chaired a CATA network of 100 volunteers lobbied our our security regulators coast to coast to help change our laws; CrowdFunding is applicable to every Business; CrowdFunding provides access to channels and communities beyond our reach; CrowdFunding requires expertise, planning, and community engagement; Avg: 1/10 Make their goals, Top 10 Sites : 30% make their goals, 37% on Kickstarter, highest success levels; CrowdFunding has added to our global economy billions of growth enablement, and is projected to add over $90B by 2025; and, Get Involved – Crowdfunding has the power to change your future!

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