The Canadian Advanced Technology Alliance is pleased to announce Antris as our newest member, joining to lend its support for our public safety mandate
May 5, 2014

“The Antris team is very excited about joining CATA and we look forward to both contributing to and benefiting from the CATA organization,” says Chief Executive Officer Clyde Beattie.  “As we get ready to launch the Antris Registry, it will be very beneficial for us to have the exposure CATA can give us and we look forward to mining the many resources and network opportunities CATA makes available to its members. We look forward to being actively involved and appreciate the opportunity. “ 

Antris seeks to provide security and peace of mind for demanding and adventurous lifestyles and work alone occupations, with a mission to be a global leader in emergency response alerts, information management, security and communications, redefining Emergency Response.

“The Antris solution is extremely innovative and in order to be best optimized, requires a rigorous, dependable, and interoperable emergency response backbone in Canada,’ says Kevin Wennekes, VP Research. “With our work this year advancing key areas of mutual interest such as NG9-1-1, the advancement of the 700 MHz Public Safety Broadband network, and advocacy for national interoperability  standards, Antris’ contribution of leadership, knowledge and support to our public safety mandate will be instrumental in moving these forward.” 


The Antris Registry system was developed In London, Ontario, in response to a major gap in the provision of Safety and Security for millions of adventures, boaters, daters and lone worker occupations. While millions of people across Canada and around the world participate in activities and occupations that involve putting themselves at risk, modern-day Internet, GPS, GIS and communications technologies have not been combined to effectively replace decades old paper document and human trustee based practices, still recommended by SAR authorities. 

News stories about lost boaters, hikers, back country skiers, fishers, prospectors and a wide variety of other adventurers and occupations appear regularly. Search & Rescue efforts very often lack the critical timely notification and detailed information for an optimal outcome. Boaters call them "Float Plans", pilots call them "Flight Plans", backpackers call them "Hike Plans" and travelers call them "Trip Plans". Whatever the activity, Antris provides automated and reliable Security & Peace of Mind. Like a reverse 911 service, Antris automatically reacts to a Member’s failure or inability to deactivate an Active Plan or preset Checkpoint expiry.

Antris combines state of the art technology and communications; web apps; text; email; IVR; cell & satellite voice communications; smart mobile apps; GPS; GIS and multiple social network platforms to providing our members with a greatly improved level of security. Providing timely, reliable information for Personal Emergency Contacts or SAR Responders, Antris relieves Emergency Response Organizations often hampered by false alarms, ill-timed notice and inadequate information. Most importantly, Antris offers Security & Peace of Mind for Members, their families and employers.

Antris is undergoing pre-launch testing and plans to have a North American public launch in the next few weeks.

Antris Management Team:

Clyde Beattie  Founder & CEO   LinkedIn

Edward Elliott  CTO         LinkedIn

Kaila Beattie  VP Bus.Dev.    LinkedIn