2016 CATA Sales Compensation Survey: Register Today
May 4, 2016


It is Time to Register!!!!

The 2016 CATA Sales Compensation Survey has been launched and the input materials are available for participants. This survey will provide you with accurate and timely compensation information to ensure that your salespeople are paid competitively in the market, reducing the potential for costly turnover and possible customer loss. If you are looking for growth, then having a competitive and well developed sales compensation program, based upon industry best practices will enable you to attract, motivate and retain good sales talent.

The deadline for data input is May 31st (although we have built in a week or two for those who need additional time) and the reports will be sent out in July. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to improve your sales performance. The link below will take you directly to the registration page:


Don’t delay, as the survey reports are only available to participants!

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