Kinsa Web Site Certification Program: Sign Up Today
May 4, 2010

What is the benefit of certifying my site

The Kinsa Site Certification Program logo demonstrates to your customers that Kinsa staff have analyzed your website and its content and found that there was no inappropriate material for children.

The Kinsa Site Certification Program logo identifies your company as a supportive member of the Kinsa Global Team and as such your company’s logo is added to the Kinsa Members section.

Funds raised from the Kinsa Site Certification Program directly support the training of police officers from developing nations to find, rescue and heal child victims of abuse whose images are shared on the Internet.

What is Kinsa?

Kinsa, a registered Canadian charity founded in 2004, helps to find, rescue and heal child victims of abuse whose images are shared on the Internet. These are children in our neighbourhoods, across the country, and around the world.

Kinsa works with Canadian law enforcement agencies and other partners to train police officers in developing countries, giving them the expertise to find and rescue these vulnerable, unidentified children. The rescue of 10 Canadian children and the arrest of a New Brunswick man, is directly attributable to the global teamwork Kinsa fosters. Kinsa training works.

Once rescued, victims and their families receive support to help them heal through the Mothers Online Movement (MOM), a powerful community network.

How To Become Site Certified

The Kinsa Site Certification Program, a partnership with CATAAlliance offers ongoing website analysis for subscribers to keep up with changing content on your website. When your website is approved with the first analysis you will receive the official Kinsa stamp of certification which is encoded into your website to show browsers that your site has been approved. Your site will be listed on Kinsa's list of approved sites on the Kinsa website.

++ Action Item: Your application form for web site certification, provides additional detail, or contact Cathi Malette at for assistance.